Plaster of Paris
Snow Plaster - Plaster of Paris: White Superfine Quality
Snow Plaster - Hemihydrate Processing By Auto Unit.
We provide pure white plaster of paris ( POP ) The whiteness of this plaster of paris ( POP ) stays for years together thus proving the fact that it's purity is not momentary but a long lasting one more
Superior quality wall putty which is pure white in color and very easy to apply these are acrylic based, air cured and non -hazardous building material & is ready for use.
Our ready mix plaster is a fine quality Plaster of Paris mix specially made to give a superior finish to the interior walls.A premix single application plaster improve the performance and workability more
Snow manufactured joint finish compound is superior in quality and a ready to mix compound for diverse applications. These all are compounds when they applied to the concrete surface. more